Unfortunately, many gym owners don't even count the money they don't pay themselves and lose sight of what truly matters in a successful gym business.
6-week challenge versus professional coach for life: Which business are you in? You can’t be in both.
Without a deeper, personal connection, the business of coaching isn't going to work. Learn the process of building relationships in your coaching business.
Coaches should be paid based on gross revenue, and on clients sticking around.
It’s okay if your website isn’t perfect, but if you build it, people will begin to find you.
The hardest part of this business is losing clients. It hurts deep.
Memberships in clubs continue to grow, according to the latest research. We talk to Ben Midgely, CEO of Crunch and veteran industry entrepreneur, about what that means to you.
Your job isn't to be the coolest person in your own gym; it's customer service and business management.
It is our responsibility as fitness professionals to help customers learn the truth and learn to know better, despite themselves.
If play is missing from your program, your program may be fundamentally flawed.
MAS might be exactly what gym members need to stay engaged and bring along their friends.
We’ve upgraded our user management system and added some things that we hope you will like.
Making fitness part of the hospitality experience may provide new business opportunities for coaches and trainers.
Doug Sheppard successfully challenges the current model for independent gyms.
Ignorance is no excuse. Learn the laws that affect you and your business.
The man behind the Business of Fitness gives us insight into the business model for what he calls “the next-generation gym.”
Three trailblazers discuss the future for strong, successful women leaders in the fitness industry.
Gym management software for small gym owners has come a long way in the last two years.
Here are three successful brands, with three very different approaches to branding.
Fitness competitions are a reality that gym owners will have to contend with for years.
A look into the School of Strength, and the future of the independent gym and coach.
A look beyond the fitness industry and the state of the independent gym and coach.
The personal training game is changing, and you'd better change with it.
Competitors are paying to have a great experience - don't let them down.
Programming is the heart of your gym's business; Here's how to keep it pumping.
To become become the dominant force in your market, figure out how to consistently offer more value than anyone else.
Starting Strength may be just the strength program you've been looking for.
Learn how to write better, engage your readers, and grow your reputation with our platform.
This book will breathe new life into your sales and marketing, without killing your soul.
Successful leaders aren't afraid to dream big or plan for the long term.
Consumers favor YMCA/YWCA, but many are looking for a change.
Cold cynicism is probably the best attitude to take when considering another certification.
Even if you don't know what the result will be, you've got to just start—or you'll never get anywhere.
The best coaches are leaders, and the best leaders let their clients be the center of attention.
Effectively separating your personal and professional online personas is a true balancing act.
Even for these pros, managing an online presence in 2017 is more challenging than ever.
You need a to do list for Sundays, just like any other day, but better.
A complete marketing calendar makes sure you focus on the things that mean the most to your bottom line.
To have more in the bank, you may need to get you head out of your business.
The Open can be an opportunity to generate excitement for your members - as long as you don't let it hijack your programming.
Are you spending too much time on the distractions of your business?
These CEO time-management hacks can free up tons of time for gym owners.
Finding clarity in your coaching practice will allow you to powerfully connect to your clients.
Here's how to successfully organize your team within the context of running a gym.
Avoid burnout by keeping work and home separate.
It's more important that you understand your customers than they understand you.
New technology will challenge fitness professionals, and the fitness profession, in new ways.
Choosing a team for CrossFit Regionals can be a very effective way of building a community that your gym loves.
If you want your gym to make it big, try thinking small.
When you inevitably feel like a fraud, you actually have a golden opportunity.
In the San Fernando Valley, an Israeli immigrant develops a community based gym that hits all the right notes.
Meet the challenge of the New Year head on, or get mowed down.
Sport-specific coaches and fitness trainers shouldn't get clients the same way.
The mood, emotion, and energy in an class hinges on the ‘soundtrack’ you play.
Coaches should skip the gimmicks, and just shut up and listen to their customers.
It’s a saturated market, for sure, but don’t let that discourage you.
Nathan Webb of shares his international perspective as head coach and co-owner of CrossFit Crescent in Amman, Jordan.
Switching from a fundamentals program to one-on-one personal training may be daunting, but it's worth it.
Does your fitness program include navigation, food preparation instruction, hostage simulation, and wilderness survival skills?
Is there such a thing as CrossFit programming?
Everyone in your community should know you, and that your gym is the go-to place for fitness.
If you have a small gym – CrossFit or not – you should listen to what this business owner has to say.
The younger generation of CrossFit athletes has begun to muddy the waters of competition.
I hope you’ve got a winning personality, because it’s all down to you and how you treat people.
You may spend 20% of your annual income on certifications and self-education but how does it improve you and your business?
Switch your fundamentals program to one-on-one personal training. Your client retention rate, lifetime value of a client, and revenue will soar.
Your online presence should pay off in real business.
In the evolving world of fitness, being a coach is not enough.
The group business model that almost all CrossFit affiliates use is not suited to the success of these individual businesses.
At the heart of the problem is the group exercise business model, which is fundamentally flawed for a CrossFit gym.
Online marketing is essential to your business. So why do so many coaches get it wrong?
Take the time to develop your internship curriculum and watch every aspect of your facility develop and grow.
Finding good employees is hard. Build an intern program to create a team that fits your vision and culture.
Wellness requires sound ethics and good sales to thrive. Time to start training your staff in a different way.
There is so much more to it. Here are five lessons I’ve learned during my four years of working as a physical therapist.
Bidding online for clients is now a thing - learn the right way to go about it.
Should you be coaching or should you be selling? The two may not be as mutually exclusive as you think.
The fitness industry is booming, but many fitness professionals are not reaping the benefits.
Success with Internet marketing comes with frequency and quality of posted content. How do you rate?
Successful gym owners have five important attitudes in common.
Though many may try not to think about insurance, it's a necessity for fitness professionals. Make sure you are well-informed about all of your options when seeking coverage.
#Family is like training - more is not necessarily better. Better is better.
A deeper look into mysterious training concepts reveals that the keys to success maybe aren't such a secret.
If you look at any business that either failed or started failing, you find one thing in common - failure to adapt to change.
A leader is not a manager. True leaders create and inspire great ideas.
There are critical steps to follow to ensure a successful TV appearance that may boost your credentials as a fitness pro.
Dan not only inspires to give back, but shows that the community benefits of doing so pay off.
In this industry, there are both pitfalls and possibilities around every corner. Here's how to navigate through them.
When it comes to client growth, it is important to know when enough is enough.
If I could go back in time and tell myself five things I wish I would have learned sooner, they would be these.
The first thing you must focus on, which is often overlooked, is the value you provide for your clients and gym members.
There is one cost that seldom shows up on the books. Because of that, the finances of a dream business are often distorted.
Saying you aren’t an expert in something is seen as a sign of weakness. But nothing could be further from the truth.
When someone stands out from the Internet swamp it makes me sit up and take notice. Here's how to be that person.
Fitness entrepreneurs - your sales need to support yourself before you can truly help as many people as possible.
Only those who have undergone the competitive experience can efficiently master the role of a coach.
I don’t have all the answers for running a gym business. But I do have this collection of principles that have led me to success.
The Internet is embedded in CrossFit's DNA. How can your business leverage this viral power of technology?
Here's a little secret. Your number-one objective with any digital marketing campaign is to acquire an email address.
It’s easy to work with a talented athlete, but you need patience and knowledge to teach clients with little talent or possibly even desire.
Not all customers are created equal. Some are a nightmare to work with and don't care about what you do. You want to attract people just like you.
Having a great concept isn't going to cut it anymore. The new metric will be growth velocity. Bigger, faster is better.
The moment you understand this tactic will be the day you see huge profits and gains in your business.
Your greatest regrets in business will be about people. Not business abstractions, but real people, with names and faces.
Define who the people are you’re pursuing and you’ll have classes filled with whatever customers you want.
Mark Rippetoe called out collegiate strength coaches for dubious methods and lackluster results. Like it or not, he has a point.
Customers who get their issue resolved tell around four to six other people. So every time your phone rings, it's an opportunity.
Any business would love to have the trust of their customers. But trust cannot be bought or conjured through words. It's about what you do.
As big companies devote more money and personnel to security, criminals are increasingly turning to small businesses that present a softer target.
There's a harsh reality about owning a gym. Do it wrong and you can easily wind up broke, busy, and with no time for your own workouts.
I’m going to present you with three typical scenarios from the fitness industry. If you recognize yourself in this article, maybe it's time to be a bit more respectful.
How does a business stay true to the founder's vision and still allow customers to drive innovation?
It’s interesting how clients hire a professional when it comes to fitness while turning a blind eye to other areas.
If you want to be competitive you can be first, be best, or be different.
In fitness, what the customer wants is not necessarily what the customer needs. I'm going to outline what they want, versus what trainers need to provide.
Are you making these mistakes? It could be costing you clients and your reputation.
The build-or-buy decision for business systems or software can feel overwhelming. Let's look at the big picture.
If you are a real expert, you value your time, your investments, your results, and your impact.
One of the most important, but rarely discussed aspects of opening a gym is your lease - and a commercial lease can be a beast.
Many successful businesses compete with free. Let's look at some real world examples.
If done wrong, your AdWords campaign can eat through your budget like Kobayashi through a pile of hot dogs.
I’m going to help you become a better leader, inspire others, and leave a mark in our industry.
So, you’ve been a trainer for a while and want to take it to the next level? If that is you then read on.
Looking at the numbers of people who actually stick around your gym can be scary, but your business will thank you.
I’ve had many individuals approach me with questions about being a trainer and whether to become one. Here’s the advice I've told them.
I firmly believe that approaching contracts with honesty and humanity will build a much better business for you and your team - and your clients.
Today I'll discuss a few good reasons to pre-qualify clients and also give you some concrete steps to go about it.
Looking to opening up your own gym business? Help is at hand, not just from me but from those who have done it before. Here are a few things I would look at if I was in your shoes.
Fred Fornicola is a fitness specialist. He has been involved in the field of strength and fitness since 1976 and has authored hundreds of articles in numerous publications.
Make sure both you and any potential business partner or investor are comfortable with the answers to all of these questions before joining forces.
Your team is your family and what power your business. These are important things you need to examine before bringing a new member into your business team.
I don't have a single day off this month, and every weekend is taken up with courses. I know I’m not the only one to face such difficulties, so I'm sharing how I plan my week.
A few years ago I made a big mistake. I got a lot of attention, but at a big expense. And it was the Incredible Hulk Sean Waxman who helped set me straight.
You have to be able to properly assess a problem in order to create and attack a solution. And that includes if the problem is you.
I urge everyone involved in this industry to look at how you recruit and what processes you use to screen and qualify potential customers.
Why is it some people choose to approach their pricing model for a gym business in a completely illogical fashion? A business that does not pay its owner can't possibly last.
If you have a business goal and the person advising you has no track record to speak of in relation to your goal, take it with a pinch of salt.
Are you a gym owner or coach who works sixty to seventy hours a week? Then you need to watch this video.
An increasing number of coaches or personal trainers are providing online training services. However, a recent study has found that providing printed information is more effective.
My business manager keeps telling me I need to write up who my perfect client is. If you describe your perfect client, I am told, "They will come." So, here it is and how to make your own list, too.
You've probably heard finding a niche is a good business move, but there's a good and a bad way to do it. Here are five things to avoid while exploring a new specialty.
Running your own gym might sound great in theory, but there are some tricks to actually getting your business off the ground. Here are 7 articles will help you build your gym business effectively.
Are you a coach, or hoping to become one in the near future? If so this one is for you. Here are the top ten articles from our coaches here at Breaking Muscle in 2012!
Looking at back at the start of my gym business, I cringe at how many things we got wrong. Here are six things I wish I'd been told. Don't make the same mistakes I did with your new gym.
Logan and Danny started their gym outdoors because it was what they could afford, but before long it became what was unique about their "gym." Now, they have no intention of going inside.
A recent article from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research explored the role of the strength and conditioning coach in providing emotional support to injured athletes.
Thinking of starting a gym business or becoming a personal trainer? Here are fifteen of the best business books I have personally read and go back to. They've made a big difference for me.
Have you ever asked your clients what they think of you or why they train with you? Have you ever considered firing any of them? Read on to learn how to win the hearts and minds of your clients.
You're a trainer or a coach and you work out on your own...but you're losing motivation! Here are 3 solutions to keep YOU fit and healthy, just like you do for your clientele.
In part one of this series we discussed widening your technical knowledge in-depth. Now, it’s time to focus on getting info OUT of your head, INTO your students, and INTO the world.
I get asked all the time how to become a successful fitness blogger. If you take these 7 sins to heart, you will be leaps and bounds above the other bloggers out there!
Own a small gym and trying to navigate the business side of things? This two part article on running a small business is for you. 5½ things you NEED to fix to be successful!
Run your own gym or studio? Trying to navigate being an entrepreneur as well as a coach? I know the joys and pitfalls of running a gym. Read on to find out the fixes you NEED to make.
So, how does one go about becoming the general manager of a world famous MMA gym? Scott McKendry found his way in through being a student at the world-famous Team Quest gym in Portland, Oregon.
One of the biggest elements separating good coaching from adequate is the instructor’s ability to communicate. A ‘difficult’ student is a quick and clear litmus test for a coach’s ability.
As a full-time fitness coach, it has been my experience there are three components to good coaching – technical knowledge, the ability to manage a group, and communication skills.