Your Coaching Is Only as Good as Your Presentation

There are many elements that make a great teacher, coach, or trainer. A mastery of the fundamentals, an emphasis on continuing education, and the practical application of putting the pieces together are all musts. A great coach has a thorough understanding of strategy, science, and history.


But knowledge is meaningless without the ability to translate it to others.

When it comes to top-level coaching, one quality stands above all others: the ability to effectively communicate. It is a critical, defining characteristic. Playing high-level sports doesn’t make you a high-level coach, and a mastery of the nuts and bolts of training methodology doesn’t mean you’ve mastered the ability to convey that knowledge. Any good teacher has a grasp of their subject matter, but a great teacher motivates and inspires through effectively presenting that material.

For the past 15 years, Eric Stevens has established himself as a leading fitness professional, writer, presenter, and television personality. Currently Eric is the Director of Fitness and Client Services for the Resilience Code in Englewood, CO. Formerly Eric was the Head Trainer for Orangetheory Fitness at the Highlands and Union Station studios in Denver. In addition to extensive fitness experience, having trained in the private health club and non-profit industries, Eric has been a long time...Read more