When The Wheels Fall Off: Coaching Clients With Autism


This morning on the platform I snatched the first 75kgs off the blocks and overhead into what Coach Stan approved as a good pull. The second repetition made it past my shins and then, as is my crutch, I thought too much and lost the attempt. I've made this lift for doubles before, and undoubtedly will again. That perfect line graph of physical progress exists on paper, with beginners, and in those coveted few weeks a year when you feel completely and indescribably “on.” When it comes to my work with clients with autism, however, there are a few more…variables.


Your undergrad fitness textbook has you squatting 800lbs in no time!

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Eric Chessen, M.S., is the founder of Autism Fitness and co-founder of Fitness Anchor , and an amateur Olympic lifter for Team Titan New York. He is the creator of the PAC Profile Assessment Toolbox, several eBooks, and presents and consults worldwide. For more info on Eric visit Autism Fitness and PAC Profile .Read more