Using Youth Psychology to Your Advantage

Rich Kite
Olympic Weightlifting

Youth psychology isn't something mentioned a great deal. Yet, as coaches to kids and teens, it’s something we can use to our advantage - if we do it right. The psychological phenomenon I’m about to describe is something I've witnessed over a number of years. Obviously, this is purely anecdotal, but I'm fairly confident in my observations.


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The Crazy Kids at the Motocross Track

A few years ago, I dipped my toe into the world of motocross. I bought myself a nice bike and would head on out with some mates to the local racetrack. I had a flash bike, top-of-the-line armor and boots, and new clothing, all topped off with a funky looking helmet and colored goggles. I was the definition of the phrase "all the gear, no idea." I looked ready for the X Games, yet you could probably run faster then me around the track (while laughing). Especially when I fell off (for going too slow).


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