The Whole Elephant: How to Start New Clients

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There was a powerful Maharaja with an enormous kingdom. With so many people in his kingdom and with allies and enemies to deal with on his borders he was always in need of counsel from his three viziers. Each vizier would tell him to listen to them, to do that which they suggested, and when he would do something different they would moan and complain until one day he could take it no more.


whole elephant, coaching clients, assessing new clients, maharaja elephantThe Maharaja blindfolded his viziers and led them outside to where he had an elephant. He led the first one to its leg and asked what he felt and what should the Maharaja do to best benefit whatever it was the vizier felt. The first vizier touched the elephant’s leg and said, “It’s a palm tree. It needs water and manure to grow strong.” He led the second vizier to its tail and asked again what should he do. The second vizier replied it was a brush and should be used to keep the palace beautiful. Finally he led the third vizier to the trunk and asked what was felt. “It’s a snake. Be careful and kill it quickly,” replied the vizier.


Finally the Maharaja removed their blindfolds and showed them what they had been feeling was an elephant. He said to them, “You only see that which is directly in front of you. I am the Maharaja and need to think about everything, sometimes things that you cannot see. I can never forget that it is the entire elephant that needs to be addressed.


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A career as a coach or trainer is a never ending opportunity to learn, grow, and re-invent yourself.


You don’t get to pick the problems you solve because everyone who you come across is different: Different genders, ages, fitness levels, disposable time, disposable income, and almost always unsure of their commitment.


Here on Coaches Only we update the content regularly, we go in lots of different directions, and we engage with experts in all walks of life so long as they help coaches and trainers in pursuit of a fulfilling career.


There are no simple answers to how to be a good pro. No one can sell your services for you. There is no silver bullet for success.



That’s why you should sign up, be present, and when the opportunity arises, also take the initiative to contribute to the conversation.


Coaches Only is for independent coaches and trainers who believe in the value of their work and have a love of this industry.


Coaches Only is for professionals who strive to make a career that lasts, has impact, and rewards people who work hard at it.



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