The One Metric You Need is "Hell, yes!"

Today I want to talk about a simple metric you can use to improve your relationships with your clients, athletes, or students.


A lot of the time, we get into a gray area where we don’t quite meet those we coach half way. It’s when one of us is chipping in a little more, and when either we’re feeling uninspired or they’re feeling uninspired, and we’re left with a bit of an icky feeling. This happens because  these relationships are dynamic processes; you’ve got two changeable human beings, and each day things will always be a little different. So I want to walk you through a metric I use when I’m enrolling new students and even when I’m having ongoing conversations with clients.

Chandler is a performance coach and movement educator. He's on a mission to empower physical freedom, helping active people who are stuck in a rut develop a personal practice to move better, get stronger, and find freedom in their bodies. Chandler is the sort of guy who is equally at home in a pile of books or swinging through tree branches. As a former research scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency, he brings a systems-level approach to human movement. His teaching background...Read more