The Controversial Paulie Zink, Part 2

Craig Balcom
Yoga, Martial Arts

Read part one of my journey with Paulie Zink here.


I remember a woman who used to come to Paulie’s studio just for the stretching. She had no interest in Kung Fu and would leave when we stopped stretching. This opened the door for people to trickle in just for yoga, which sparked Paulie to make more of an effort to teach the yoga portion of class.


Gradually, Paulie introduced movement and postures based on the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. This theory, Wu Xing, is an extension of Tai Ji, or what people refer to as yin and yang. By learning to move like these principles and the animals associated with them, we developed those energies within ourselves and gained an intuitive understanding of how life works. Over time the yoga class grew as this appealed to students of Chinese medicine who were already familiar with the concepts and wanted deeper knowledge.


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