The Charged Connection: Exercise and Leadership

Have you ever wondered what successful leaders in the work world have in common? What helps them inspire the people they lead and guide their teams toward successful and meaningful professional outcomes?


Researcher Carol R. Himelhoch professes she can illuminate a piece of the puzzle. In her book Transformational Leadership and High-Intensity Interval Training, Himelhoch puts forth a qualitative empirical research study that investigates the relationship between the exercise habits and leadership styles of study participants.

Valerie Worthington has been moving her body since before she was born, for many reasons and with many outcomes. She really started to pay attention to how, when, and why her body moves when she began training in Brazilian jiu jitsu in 1998. From then on, she became hugely invested in educating herself about how to optimize her body movement for BJJ and how to support it in doing so. She has observed that these endeavors require her to invest herself not only physically, but also mentally,...Read more