The Big Lie About Coaching Technique

Bob Takano
Olympic Weightlifting
For several years now we’ve lived with a misconception about coaching weightlifting that, in spite of changing times, still refuses to go away. No matter that it began at a time when very few people were competitive lifters and we are now in a period when the sport has experienced its greatest popular growth, there is still a pervasive belief among a rather large segment of the coaching community that learning and coaching the snatch and clean & jerk is extremely difficult and challenging.

The Birth of the Myth

I believe the mythology began in the late 1970’s and grew throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s to the point where it is now accepted orthodoxy. It started within the Strength and Conditioning community which was largely populated by coaches from powerlifting, bodybuilding or sports where proper technique is not instructed. And although ongoing research and anecdotal recounting began to substantiate the value of the inclusion of snatches, cleans, jerks and their derivatives in a program for athletic improvement, there was and still is considerable resistance to teaching and coaching these movements.
What I discovered upon talking with some of these coaches and their athletes, was that they did very little technical coaching of movements within their own sports. 


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