The Art and Science of Communicating

Eric C. Stevens
Martial Arts, Sport Psychology, Boxing

I used to work as a presenter for a technology brand. The funny thing is I know very little about technology. Frankly, I’m a novice in grasping the what, why, and how around most things technical. But despite this fact, for several years I was hired to be a presenter for a tech brand. Just how is that possible? The reason has to do with the blending of art and science. As an actor and artist I had developed the ability to tell a story, paint a picture, and communicate a message in plain conversation. While the technology brand could teach me the science, what they really needed to reach consumers was the artistic expression of storytelling.


In coaching, you are charged with a similar task—taking scientific concepts like exercise physiology, anatomy, and periodization and blending that data with artful and effective communication for your customers. Essentially your job as a coach is to make science into art. The science of coaching means knowing your what, how, and when. The art of coaching means finding ways to make your messages impactful, truthful, and meaningful to others. How you convey your knowledge is the crux of what it means to be a successful coach. For many, that means ‘dumbing’ it down for consumption. But ultimately, communication, like art, is only relevant and sustainable when it comes from a truthful place. Finding that truthful and authentic voice is the essence of effective communicating, teaching, and coaching.


I’m certainly not suggesting that when it comes to coaching, getting your a BA in "BS" matters more than getting an actual BS in exercise physiology. As a fitness coach, knowing some semblance of how the body moves in space and time is of paramount importance. It’s also imperative to know the science of the steps necessary to get your clients/members from point A to point B. That said, in coaching, what you know is fairly worthless without the ability to apply that knowledge through effective communication.


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