The 4 Virtues of a Master Coach

Over the course of this series, we've learned about the talent code and myelin, the neural insulator critical to the development of skill in athletes. We first examined how to stimulate myelin's growth with deep practice in training. Deep practice is the action, and thus for the athlete is the most critical element of the talent code. The second installment of the series covered ignition, giving the athlete tools to kickstart their motivational process so they could keep their deep practice wheels turning.


A great coach is critical to nurturing unbeatable talent.

Sam MacIntosh is a writer, editor, and a British Weightlifting and Precision Nutrition certified coach. Sam played football from her pre-teens through to university, briefly switching to rugby when she was 25. It was then that she was introduced to strength training and weightlifting by a teammate and began training in CrossFit in late 2013. Shortly after, Chet Morjaria of Strength Education took her on as a powerlifting athlete and coached her to first in her weight class at the 2014 Welsh...Read more