Success with Sedentary Clients

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Culturally, we are in a crisis: People are more sedentary now than ever. Being sedentary not only limits the true potential of a person to experience and live in the real world, but it can lead to catastrophic medical conditions. Whether it is hypertension, stroke, diabetes, heart disease or even just restricted movement, our world is, hour by hour, ever more at risk of a dramatically decreased quality of life due to a sedentary lifestyle. In this article, I want to give coaches some tools to address this dire situation. Specifically, how to get started with a sedentary client.


As the Director of Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training, I have had the privilege to assist firefighters in improving their safety and increasing their performance. Although they are some of the most incredible people I have ever met, firefighters are also plagued by the same health and fitness issues as the general population. In fact, firefighters are at greater risk, due to both controllable and uncontrollable variables.


I’ve addressed these variables with many departments throughout the country in an active lecture, “Be Dynamic,” that shows how being sedentary is part of every firefighter’s day. In this lecture, I discuss the cultural template that firefighters live within and how being sedentary is simply a major part of their day. I attempt to raise awareness for firefighters everywhere through this lecture and drive home for them that being sedentary sacrifices too much that is vital to a good life, and that it robs them of being their optimal selves.


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