Modelling Better Movement

Kellen Milad
Natural Movement

We’re continuing our exploration of how we as coaches can better facilitate the process of change in our clients. Today’s topic will look the benefits of modelling better movement for our clients.  


An essential part of the process for our clients/athletes is building a foundation of solid movement patterns. This foundation must be strong in order to support to the development of fitness and higher performance. As coaches we are used to moving a lot, both in and out of the gym. Our clients seek us out for fitness, but don’t necessarily have the same base of general movement. We may coach in a particular system or with particular tools, but in order to optimize these tools our clients must first move well. At the heart of this issue lies a gap between the coach’s experiences and the client’s experiences. How do we bridge this gap?


Although this is a huge topic to discuss, we can start by modelling better movement. We’ve already discussed the idea that coaching is more than what you know, it also draws from what you’ve experienced. As a fitness professional, you’ve likely experienced a great deal of movement in your life. Drawing from these experiences offers powerful coaching material. We have likely taken “the basics” for granted as they’re so ingrained in our lives. We’re often so eager to teach the elements of our specialty that we overlook basic human movement. But general movement and fitness can coexist for great results. 


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