Find Your Archetypal Client Persona

Today I want to share an exercise that I’ve found to be really powerful in helping me get clear on who it is I do my best work with, what the work actually is, and how I can go about communicating it in a way that clicks with people who are a “Hell, yes” for me and helps to turn away people who aren’t going to be a good fit—people that I can’t serve well and I won’t actually enjoy working with.


This hugely inspiring exercise comes from Rich Litvan, author of The Prosperous Coach, and it reveals for you the archetypal persona of the kind of person who really lights you up and helps you do your best work. Don’t be surprised if this turns out to be an exercise in self-discovery. Personally, I found it a bit eerie, in that the description of the archetype at the end was remarkably similar to how I’d describe myself.

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