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Chris Holder
Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning, Martial Arts

I’ve been in the strength game in one form or another for more than thirty years, both as an athlete and a coach. As I take inventory of my successes in each, I quickly realize how nothing is done well without help. We all would like to take credit for the great choices we’ve made. But if we are honest with ourselves, our road to success was paved by the brilliant people who took us under their wings early on.


How many of you have a mentor? Someone you reach out to for guidance when you are in the weeds? If you are a young coach, a training athlete, or a person who is trying to forge a path in the profession, finding a mentor can be the difference between enormous success and years of mistakes. What we all need to understand is that there are countless people out there who are willing to share with you their mistakes, their greatest accomplishments, and how they operate day to day. If you are smart, you will put your ego aside and realize that you can’t do it on your own and we all need someone to take us by the hand and show us how to do things the right way. 


The following men have impacted my life in a way that cannot be measured. I have been blessed to have these individuals cross my path and I pat myself on the back for being smart enough to shut my mouth and listen. 


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A career as a coach or trainer is a never ending opportunity to learn, grow, and re-invent yourself.


You don’t get to pick the problems you solve because everyone who you come across is different: Different genders, ages, fitness levels, disposable time, disposable income, and almost always unsure of their commitment.


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There are no simple answers to how to be a good pro. No one can sell your services for you. There is no silver bullet for success.



That’s why you should sign up, be present, and when the opportunity arises, also take the initiative to contribute to the conversation.


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