Find a Coaching Mentor


I’ve been in the strength game in one form or another for more than thirty years, both as an athlete and a coach. As I take inventory of my successes in each, I quickly realize how nothing is done well without help. We all would like to take credit for the great choices we’ve made. But if we are honest with ourselves, our road to success was paved by the brilliant people who took us under their wings early on.


How many of you have a mentor? Someone you reach out to for guidance when you are in the weeds? If you are a young coach, a training athlete, or a person who is trying to forge a path in the profession, finding a mentor can be the difference between enormous success and years of mistakes. What we all need to understand is that there are countless people out there who are willing to share with you their mistakes, their greatest accomplishments, and how they operate day to day. If you are smart, you will put your ego aside and realize that you can’t do it on your own and we all need someone to take us by the hand and show us how to do things the right way. 

Chris Holder comes to Breaking Muscle with over thirty years as an athlete and coach. A football player first and then spending his entire professional coaching career at the college level, Holder has been in love with everything weight lifting since he was a little boy. Holder has an incredibly diversified training background that brings a unique product to his athletes. Known in many circles as a pioneer of kettlebell training at the college level, Chris opened the door in the early 2000s to...Read more