Emergent Curriculum - A Better Way for Coaches who are Students of Life


Using ideas of emergent curriculum in group coaching has shown to be an engaging and effective form of exercise programming. Most importantly, practicing emergent curriculum teaches how to be a better self-coach outside of the gym to all life’s pursuits.


Emergent curriculum is defined most commonly in the context of children’s classrooms. It’s “based on the premise that children are most successful at learning when curriculum experiences account for their interests, strengths, needs, and lived realities.1 Emergent curriculum is also extremely relevant to fitness classrooms. The idea can be directly applied to adults in a group training environment.

Mary's mission through conditioning is to inspire values-driven decision making through development of physical autonomy. In 2013, she moved from Milwaukee to Seattle to work for Brooks Running Co., where her work was to inspire organizational change as an environmental sustainability analyst. Her training style draws strong influences from the movement foundations of ashtanga yoga. She teaches movement that is creative and enjoyable, to stay endlessly interested in taking care of personal...Read more