Elderly Clients Require Consistency in Strength Training

Jeff Barnett
Strength and Conditioning

How long do the effects of strength training persist in the elderly after habitual exercise stops? Not very long, says a study from BMC Geriatrics.


mature athletes, elderly training clients, personal training elderlyThe study examined 69 “prefrail” adults from 65-94 years-old. “Frail” is defined as requiring long-term care and being vulnerable to disability and death. The adults in this study were “prefrail,” the stage prior to frailty. Subjects participated in a 12-week exercise program. After the 12 weeks each subject ceased exercising and maintained his normal physical activity. Physical abilities were measured at baseline, immediately after the 12 week exercise program, and again at 12 and 24 weeks after the exercise program ceased.


The researchers also threw in one more variable: half of the subjects performed a strength training program while the other half performed a power training program. The two programs differed only in that the power program was performed at high intensity with limited rest.


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