DVRT Education: Putting the System Ahead of the Tool

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It’s actually beside the point that DVRT, or Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, involves the use of sandbags. As CEO Josh Henkin explains in this interview, the tool is just the tool. What DVRT teaches is actually a very smart approach to understanding, evaluating, and improving human movement that can help you deliver better results for those you train.

Now also closely connected with TRX and Dragon Door, DVRT has been featured by Details, The Wall Street Journal, Shape, Men’s Health, Oxygen, and even Access Hollywood, and the DVRT system has been rolled out in over 80 countries with ongoing certification programs in 15.
In our interview, Josh explains the DVRT approach and all the reasons you might find it useful for your gym business and your customers.
With both certifications and workshops, as well as plenty of free online content, there are many opportunities to either dip you toe in the water or continually advance your knowledge and understanding of DVRT. The certifications also earn you continuing education credits from top associations like ACE, NASM, AFAA, and many more.
Josh Henkin takes the concept of education seriously, so the certifications have a strong focus on helping fitness professionals understand the “why” behind the DVRT approach and exercises. DVRT often challenges pre-conceived notions about fitness and training. In fact, people are sometimes shocked to find they are not doing a sandbag lifting course. But DVRT is not a set of exercises, it's s systematic way of looking at improving movement that is based on clear principles and systems, and it aims to teach you how to apply these to get the best results. 
In this interview, you’ll find plenty of great concepts and takeaways. There’s lots here for any coach or gym owner to consider. After hearing Josh tell you all about DVRT education, you're bound to find yourself thinking about things a bit differently —maybe about some of the other certifications you've taken. And you'll probably end up eager to try out some of DVRT concepts yourself.
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