Do You Have Flexibility In Your Programming?

Strength Training, Coaching

No, I'm not talking about the ability to touch your toes. I'm referencing the ability to modify your programming based on the person you are coaching and their day-to-day circumstances. (I'm going to refer to your client as a singular person throughout the piece, but this equally applies to group coaching.)


Whether you run classes, coach one-on-one, or both, this flexibility is a necessity if you are to thrive, or even survive, as a coach. Your clients aren't paying for your programming. They are paying for your insight and ability to interact with them to provide real-time feedback so that they can become better and stronger, quicker. They, I, or anyone can go online and purchase a customized program from incredibly reputable coaches for not much money. There are plenty of facilities where these athletes can then perform the program of their own accord. So mindlessly taking your clients through their programs is doing both them and you a massive disservice. 


Understand Deep Purpose

Feel like these online programs are taking business away from you? You would be right. But your competitive advantage over these online programs is that you have that unique athlete right in front of you. On any given day, you can make adjustments to give the athlete a better, more individualized service, and the better, more individualized progress that comes with it. These adjustments cannot be arbitrary, or the results will be too.


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