Conversation is More Powerful than Programming

Today I want to talk about the two types of client interventions you can use with any given student or client, in any given session: movement and conversation.


The first intervention is the default for us — a movement intervention. That is, addressing a short-term physiological stimulus that will drive the desired adaptations you are looking for in that body at that particular moment. However, that does not really address the other 23 hours of the day or set that person up for continued success without you.

Chandler is a performance coach and movement educator. He's on a mission to empower physical freedom, helping active people who are stuck in a rut develop a personal practice to move better, get stronger, and find freedom in their bodies. Chandler is the sort of guy who is equally at home in a pile of books or swinging through tree branches. As a former research scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency, he brings a systems-level approach to human movement. His teaching background...Read more