Coaching Through the Process

We all know that our clients and athletes are coming to work with us as part of a larger process of personal change. We support them through creating programs, teaching movements, and managing sessions. But we might not be as aware of the more subtle ways in which we, as coaches, impact the process of our clients and how our clients also shape our development as well.

That’s why I’m doing this video series, Coaching Through the Process. In it, I’ll be exploring some of the deeper ways we can bring ourselves more fully into the coaching dynamic. In this first episode, we’re raising a foundational question: “What is the role of the coach?” We begin stepping into this role with a high emphasis on technical knowledge and procedures to help clients reach their goals. We strive to be as objective as possible with our assessments and programming.

Kellen Milad is a Health Coach and team instructor for MovNat. His intention is to provide information on natural movement training and personal development. Kellen's goal is to share stories and experiences (his and others) that may facilitate larger conversations about the role of fitness in our development as human beings. With both a BA in Psychology and an MS Counseling Psychology, he offers unique written and visual content to help drive a deeper understanding of everyone's new favorite...Read more