Challenge Youth With Strength Training - Why Not?


As a weightlifting coach, I am always looking to improve my knowledge. Finding new information is one way, but another approach is to look back on things I’ve done, programs I’ve written, and my deliverance of coaching. This is called self-reflection. It's a beautiful thing.


Today, we will reflect on the process of development within weightlifting and compare it to how development is structured in other sports. It’s an important topic and an area to be considered by any coach looking to develop youths into the competitive scene of weightlifting.

Rich Kite is a British weightlifting coach, Greenwood Weightlifting coach, strength and conditioning coach, and the director of the website UK Olympic Weightlifting (UKOW). As an avid promoter of the sport of weightlifting in the United Kingdom, Rich started the UKOW website to be used as a resource and increase acknowledgement of the sport. Rich has also been featured in Greg Everett’s well-known Performance Menu Journal , in addition to numerous other web blogs. Rich has coached weightlifting...Read more