Age Isn't Just a Number: Programming for Older Clients

As a trainer, you tend to attract certain clients. Naturally, if you have an interest in a particular area, your clients likely will too. But one of your qualities attracts more clients than perhaps anything else – your age.


Stop and look around for a moment. You’ll probably notice the majority of your clients come from your age group, with about a ten-year window on either side. For example, if you’re thirty years old, you’ll find most of your clients are between twenty and forty. That’s an easy window of people to train, so you should be able to get spectacular results with them.

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Andrew Read is like that old guy in the Rocky movies - he has a funny accent, hates everyone, and no one ever knows if he's happy or sad. But just like Mickey, he knows training. Even back in grade school his teachers would complain he was spending too much time reading bodybuilding magazines or trying new exercises in the gym. These days nothing has changed and even after a lifetime of competitive martial arts and some time spent in special forces he still maintains that same passion for...Read more