4 Coaching Lessons I've Learned While Training During My Pregnancy

Women's Fitness, Family and Kids, Yoga

Walking into a gym with a noticeable baby bump is a singular experience. You can feel the general gaze of the crowd shift as they glance over to see who just walked in the door. Normally it stops there and people go back about their business, but when you're pregnant the gaze slowly settles on…THE BELLY.


That's when it gets a little uncomfortable if you're not used to being quite so obtrusive. I've heard women complain about people touching their pregnant belly, but that doesn't make me as uncomfortable as the stares. There are the blatant gawkers, who stare shamelessly and intently, as well as the incognito gawkers, who look at you from the corner and avert their gaze when you notice them staring. Then come the rapid fire questions: "How far along are you? Is this your first? Boy or girl?" It's a bit overwhelming, although it's also nice to see the enthusiastic response.



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