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Every now and then I’m struck by a lightning bolt of realization. A genuine “why didn’t I think of that before” moment (although sometimes it’s a “how on earth did I ever forget that” moment, too). I have to apologize for not writing a workout type article, but the last week has been such a smack in the face as far as my job goes that I had to share these thoughts once I’d worked my way through them.


andrewA few years ago I came to the sad realization that as a trainer I would never make a million dollars a year. And I’m okay with that. The reason this was so important was because if I was doing something I enjoyed immensely, then the money, while important and necessary, wasn’t the only consideration in doing my job.

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Andrew Read is like that old guy in the Rocky movies - he has a funny accent, hates everyone, and no one ever knows if he's happy or sad. But just like Mickey, he knows training. Even back in grade school his teachers would complain he was spending too much time reading bodybuilding magazines or trying new exercises in the gym. These days nothing has changed and even after a lifetime of competitive martial arts and some time spent in special forces he still maintains that same passion for...Read more