Why I Chose This Strength Certification


More than ever before, the training market values strength. Masters athletes are hitting the platform in ever-increasing numbers, and Masters in the “Sport of Aging” are starting to see basic strength as the ticket to an independent and vibrant retirement. Research routinely demonstrates the benefits of strength training for runners and other distance athletes. Organizations like Barbell Rehab and Clinical Athlete are demonstrating the effectiveness of strength training as both a means and end to effective physical therapy. The CrossFit Games have exposed a gap in most CrossFitters' arsenal: If you don't have a 500+ deadlift, you don't make the Games.
But with strength training more in demand now than ever, there is a plethora of certifications, seminars, and workshops clamoring for the attention — and money — of coaches, trainers, and gym owners. It’s a wide-ranging and baffling assortment of offerings that can easily confuse and confound anyone who wants to add strength-training credentials to their resume.

In this article, I’ll pull back the curtain on the Starting Strength program. The program is the distillation of the work of coach Mark Rippetoe, author of the well-known book, Starting Strength. Coach Rippetoe bases his approach on over three and a half decades as a competitive powerlifter, Olympic weightlifting coach, and gym owner. Many in the fitness community also know him from the years he ran the Barbell Certification for CrossFit. The certification program he has developed describes itself as “a systematic approach to the classic barbell training method of improving Strength – the most critical characteristic of successful athletes and healthy useful people.”


Essentially, Starting Strength consists of two key elements:

A lifelong athlete in a variety of competitive sports from Tae Kwon Do and fencing to CrossFit and obstacle course racing, CJ aims to cut through the nonsense in the media to help people develop the strength and endurance to succeed in sport, mission, and life. Certified as a Starting Strength Coach, CSCS, CrossFit-L1 trainer, and USAW Sports Performance Coach, CJ currently coaches private clients at Iron Mongers Gym , group classes at CrossFit 760 , and competes as a raw powerlifter in the...Read more