What to do When You Feel Like a Fraud

I want to talk about a feeling that often lurks below the surface for many coaches and trainers: Feeling like a fraud.


When you feel like a fraud you have the option to play it safe and not let anyone else know how you really feel. You can project confidence while feeling completely inadequate. You can hide from the world in plain sight. But if you do that you won’t improve or grow. Instead, I suggest you “lean in.”

Chandler is a performance coach and movement educator. He's on a mission to empower physical freedom, helping active people who are stuck in a rut develop a personal practice to move better, get stronger, and find freedom in their bodies. Chandler is the sort of guy who is equally at home in a pile of books or swinging through tree branches. As a former research scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency, he brings a systems-level approach to human movement. His teaching background...Read more