We've Changed a Few Things on the Site

We’ve upgraded our user management system and added some things that we hope you will like.


You may have noticed we have simplified the membership interface and are using a new user management application. It should, we hope, simplify getting access to content and improve the overall performance of the site.


We have also decided to change a few things about the payment process because of our own experiences with pay systems across the web. We do not store any of your payment information and never have. However, if you were signing up for a monthly membership in the past, you would be automatically billed for recurring charges and your information was on file with the card service provider, Stripe.


If you are an existing subscriber, please re-set your password at Login.


We don’t want to that any more because you shouldn’t have to pay for something on a recurring monthly plan just because you forgot to change your account settings. That’s actually one of the reasons why a lot of online business love monthly fees and keep them low because they hope you forget about it and a few dollars here or there will escape your notice.


Instead, as a monthly subscriber, a few days before your subscription ends, you will get a note to say it is time to update your account for the following month. That’s not only fair but, there’s also nothing more secure than not having any of your personal financial data on any system waiting for an automatic withdrawal. 


There’s more coming in the next two months leading up to the summer. For many people in the fitness industry it is a period of intense activity because, for reasons that seem to be self-defeating, a lot of people suddenly realize that they want to look a certain way for the beach. 


We don’t think you need to get beach body ready, but the fitness industry is not an easy profession. It is overcrowded with shamans, short sellers, and people who call themselves pros when they’re not. 


The career you have chosen is tough but, the cream rises to the top, and there is nothing to stop you succeeding. We hope to be a part of your personal journey through the industry and play a role in supporting you in any way we can.