Use Music to Drive Your Workouts

I’ve taught several thousand exercise classes in my 16 years in the fitness business. The success of those classes was determined by several variables, from safe and effective programming, to the flow of class, to high-level coaching and communicating. But in addition to nuts and bolts of exercise selection, perhaps the most underrated and important variable in developing a successful fitness class is music.


Costas Karageorghis, a leading psychology expert on the effects of music on exercise, calls music “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug.” When it comes to programming a great workout, music matters, and it matters immensely. Think of watching a movie without a soundtrack. Whether we realize it or not, music significantly contributes to the feel of a film. Similarly, the entire mood, emotion, and energy in an exercise class has much to do with the ‘soundtrack’ of your class.

For the past 15 years, Eric Stevens has established himself as a leading fitness professional, writer, presenter, and television personality. Currently Eric is the Director of Fitness and Client Services for the Resilience Code in Englewood, CO. Formerly Eric was the Head Trainer for Orangetheory Fitness at the Highlands and Union Station studios in Denver. In addition to extensive fitness experience, having trained in the private health club and non-profit industries, Eric has been a long time...Read more