Thomas Plummer On Industry Transitions and Next Generation Gyms

Dan Kallen
Director of Content, Coaches Only
Business, CrossFit

Thomas Plummer is fitness industry icon who has been helping gym owners achieve business success for about 40 years. He's got an impressive record of helping set business owners off the road to success, and he never stops learning.


The first thing we learn from Thomas in this interview is what kind of future he sees for gym owners and coaches. And it's good news: There's not only a future, but, according to Thomas, this may be the best time ever to get into the fitness business as a coach or gym owner.


One key insight Thomas gives us is that the business model for what he calls “the next-generation gym”—the kind of “training gym” we see booming right now—is not a derivative of the big chains. It’s an entirely new thing. This is an important idea, in that it means the path forward is not a continuation of an old model, but a model that is new and perhaps not yet fully formed. This also means there are opportunities for entrepreneurial gym owners to forge new business models and find new ways to serve customers.


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