The Rise of the Entitled Competitive Athlete

CrossFit, Children's Fitness, Olympic Weightlifting

Running a successful CrossFit event is not a cake walk. It requires a ton of coordination and planning. Once you’ve put in the countless hours of thought, wrangled great volunteers, and written solid programming, the key is being able to adjust to the random things that come up. And believe me, there is always something, and it’s never small. In the 25+ events I have run, I have had everything from equipment not showing up to having to move an entire rig from one location to another in less than thirty minutes.


Organizing events can be painstaking, but in the end it is extremely rewarding, especially for the CrossFit community. However, over the last two years or so I have seen a shift in athlete behavior, which has left a bad taste in my mouth about the newer millennial CrossFit competitors. It has become evident that this younger generation of CrossFit athletes has begun to muddy the waters of competition with a false sense of entitlement.


Running a successful CrossFit event is not a cake walk.


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