The Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn't Be a Trainer

Eric C. Stevens
Martial Arts, Sport Psychology, Boxing

According to US News & World Report, one of the top trends in the fitness industry for 2014 is educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals. In fact, statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics state that personal training jobs are expected to grow at a 24% rate between 2010 and 2020. Such robust growth in our industry has resulted in thousands of new trainers eager to capitalize on the opportunities abounding.


Growth is usually thought of as a good thing, especially when it comes to the economy and jobs. While jobs have been scarce for many in the past decade, this has not been the case with personal training. The world of fitness continues to experience growth, especially in niche-oriented sectors like CrossFit, yoga, and high intensity interval training. Still, vigorous growth has its pros and its cons. Any time there’s rapid growth, you can be sure opportunists will be there to try and figure out how to make a quick dollar.


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