The Myth of Groupon: 6 Critical Things to Consider Before Offering an Email Deal


In this video we look at some of the elements that are worth examining if you are planning on doing a heavily discounted offer via email. This means Groupon, Living Social, or any other of the many daily email offers out there. It will also provide you with a framework for figuring out what this deal really contributes to your goals as a coach and business owner.


Specifics we will look at include the potential for insulting your current clients and the tiny amount you actually earn for each of the deals you sell, especially in comparison to the amount of work you're doing.

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Tom is one of the owners of CrossFit Ireland , but he started out in the fitness industry by participating in CrossFit classes in a club-like setting and developing from there. A big fan of logic and facts he approaches everything from a outcome perspective. What are the real inputs and what are they creating in comparison to the desired response.Read more