The Most Costly Mistake a New Gym Owner Can Make

It is the ambition of everyone in any economically free society to someday become at least moderately wealthy. This is true whether we like to admit it or not. Few people ever list poverty as their ambition.


The Dream of Opening a Gym 

There are lots of ways to get rich. The kicker is that most of them are difficult. One way that might seem easier is to start a business that capitalizes on our talents and passions. There are no shortages of such ambitions in the fitness and sports industry. If we cannot become professional athletes, then perhaps we can find another way to turn a buck with our favorite sport or fitness activity.

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Dresdin Archibald is a 63-year-old accountant from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He started weight training in 1963 at age 14, moving over to the Olympic-lifts in 1966, and continues training to this day. As an athlete, Dresdin competed in his prime at 90 kg and did best lifts of 115 press, 102.5 snatch and 142.5 C&J (all kilos). He competed in three Canadian National Championships and two Canada Games, and also completed a month-long training camp at the famed Athleten Club Mutterstadt in...Read more