The Group X Business Model is Failing the Fitness Industry

I am not here to criticize CrossFit. CrossFit is successful and has been instrumental in changing the fitness industry for the better. CrossFit has created countless opportunities for coaches. CrossFit understands the free market model, because each independently owned gym is free to deliver the product as it so chooses. 


But remember, CrossFit is an affiliation model, not a franchise. Prospective business owners take a two-day course on the movements as a prerequisite to this affiliation. Many have no business experience and take no business training before opening their gyms. Some gyms will do great, some will not. That is the nature of the free market. Greg Glassman, CrossFit’s founder, alludes to this himself.

After earning his mechanical engineering degree, working for two Fortune 100 companies in business development, and starting a green building design firm from scratch, Patty decided to try his hand in the fitness industry. Patty opened the world’s fifth CrossFit affiliate and Canada’s first in Vancouver in 2004. He was mentored directly by CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman from 2004 to 2009 and because of this relationship with Greg, Patty’s gym “always looked different." After Patty described the...Read more