The Effectiveness of Training Long-Distance Clients Over the Internet


Many coaches or personal trainers are jumping into the modern age by taking on clients that live too far to meet in person. But how effective is this method of training? This is an important question for trainers to be able to answer when asked by potential long-distance clients. As an experienced coach who has embraced technology, I’ve done it all - emailing clients in different states, texting clients across the border, and Facebook messaging clients on the other side of the ocean. While I find it effective, it just doesn’t have that direct interaction of working together in person.


coaching, remote coaching, remote training, online trainingIf you have long-distance clients, or are one yourself, the potential pitfalls include receiving, actually reading and, most importantly, using the information. Recently, researchers in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity examined this issue further. They compared a web-based intervention to a printed one to determine how well each worked in a population of individuals over fifty years of age. It is necessary for anyone interested in long-distance training to discern the importance of what they found.

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