The Differences Between Leaders and Coaches

Think back to the last time you had a conversation with someone you look up to and seek advice from, like your mentor, or a close friend or family member. What stands out about that person to you? Is it the way they communicate with you, the advice or experience they share with you, or how smart they are? Or, is it something else altogether?

I ask these questions to get you thinking, because today I want to share some things I’ve learned in being a part of Precision Nutrition’s Level 2 Master Class, a 52-week course that has completely flipped the script for me on what it means to be a leader in our field.

Chris has an appetite for knowledge, continually attending seminars and workshops to further his education. Along with his general population clients, he has worked with a variety of professional athletes including players in the NFL, NHL, and MLB. He’s found training with kettlebells, eating healthy, and having a damn good time in the process does a lot of good for the people he works with. A simple man, Chris has found his true passion in kettlebell training. To Chris, kettlebell training is...Read more