The Andrea DuCane Interview: Beyond RKC

Dan Kallen
Director of Content, Coaches Only
Business, CrossFit

Dragon Door is widely recognized for establishing the first kettlebell certification in the US—the Russian Kettlebell Challenge, or RKC. But this history and wide recognition has made the term "RKC" a kind of industry jargon word, that, sadly, not everyone seems to really understand. And many folks are probably aware that there have been many changes since co-founder Pavel Tsatsouline left, but few seem to know exactly what's changed.


To get the lowdown on what’s going on at Dragon Door these days, we spoke with their Director of Certifications, Andrea DuCane. As she tells us, Dragon Door not only offers a wide range of certifications, but a broad selection of of products and a vibrant publishing business as well.


In this interview, Andrea first gives us an in-depth look at the certifications Dragon Door offers and how they can benefit your business. Things have come a long way since the beginning, as she explains.


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