The 6-Week Challenge: Playing a Losers Game

Craig “Patty” Patterson
Guest Contributor
Business, CrossFit


As an independent gym owner or a fitness professional, you always need to be asking yourself: What business do I want to be in? What will win in the end? Fads and trends and marketing ploys come and go, and before blindly jumping on board whatever new game those around you are playing, you always should consider if it’s right for your business.


For example: Let’s consider the 6-week challenge culture that has all but engulfed the fitness industry lately. The latest version of the concept—brought to you by another marketing company—promises to deliver 100-plus new clients to your gym in 30 days.


I get it. The appeal is so strong it can make a gym owner literally salivate. Especially if you’re not getting many leads off your website anymore, and you’re struggling to generate leads organically.


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