Taking Responsibility for Your Business: If You End Up With a Bucket...



"Tom, if you wind up with a bucket of shit at the end of all this, you've nobody to blame but yourself." This is the motivational talk my dad, a hard but fair man, hit me with when I was panicking. I do not mean I was a little nervous or marginally out of my comfort zone. I mean I was scared beyond recognition.


business, crossfit business, opening a crossfit, new crossfit, gym businessYou see, I'm a dreamer. I like the big stuff and I particularly love proving people wrong. This can get you into trouble sometimes. This makes you do dumb things like take a lease on a 3,500 square foot unit you cannot afford, during the country’s economic collapse, in order to provide a service nobody else in the country is offering. Making decisions like this leaves you with some funny stuff:

Tom is one of the owners of CrossFit Ireland , but he started out in the fitness industry by participating in CrossFit classes in a club-like setting and developing from there. A big fan of logic and facts he approaches everything from a outcome perspective. What are the real inputs and what are they creating in comparison to the desired response.Read more