Self-Selection Versus Selling


The Breaking Muscle theme for coaches to write about in October 2016 was “Mall Stories.” The idea was for each writer to actually or imaginarily visit a shopping mall, close their eyes for a minute and upon opening them, encounter the first person they might see see and explain to them the benefits of whatever the writer’s specialty might be. The idea was to take the writers out of their comfort zones by having to explain their approach and their specialties to a complete stranger. Not a bad idea really.


The topic, however, caused me some problems, and I had to let the Breaking Muscle's Director of Content and Community, Dan Kallen, know about it. I didn’t really get to explain my reasoning to him even though he let me off the hook with the topic. I felt, however, that by explaining, I could incorporate it into a topic that has long haunted me and one that I think needs clarification. So here goes!

Bob Takano is a highly respected weightlifting coach who was inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame in 2007 for his contributions to coaching. He has been the coach of four national champions, two national record holders, and 27 top ten nationally ranked lifters. Bob has been on the coaching staffs of 17 U.S. National teams to international competitions, five of those being World Championships. His lifters have competed in seven Olympic Trials with one, Albert Hood, the third American...Read more