Regarding the Current State of S&C Coaching

Last week the popular strength training website T-Nation posted an article by the infamous Mark Rippetoe, co-author of the highly respected strength training manuals Starting Strength and Practical Programming. The article was titled The Current State of S&C Coaching and it called out collegiate strength coaches for using dubious methods and producing lackluster results. The general response was less than positive. 


Rippetoe Has a Point

I get it. Rippetoe is rough around the edges and a bit of a curmudgeon. The article he wrote wasn’t just critical, it was scathing. As far as I can tell by the social media response, he pissed off a lot of people. Well, guess what? Like it or not, Rippetoe has a point.

Robert was something of an odd child. Not particularly athletically gifted, he instead spent most of his time reading comics and watching martial arts movies. Slowly but surely, the steady diet of incredible (if fictitious) physical specimens instilled in him a desire to begin training of some sort. Fueled by hours of awesome but highly questionable action movie workout montages mixed with some subconscious desire to become Batman, Robert found himself desperate for any information that would...Read more