RECLAIM Your BIZ! The 5½ BIGGEST Fixes Every Small Gym Must Make – Part 2


In part one of The 5½ Biggest Fixes Every Small Gym Must Make we were discussing the little things no one ever really talks about when running a small business. In this article we will continue to dispel myths and disrupt conventional wisdom of what you need to do to RECLAIM YOUR BIZ!


FIX #4: Know your (small) BIZ.

John Burch has a degree from the prestigious school of Knocked-down-but-got-back-up-swinging University. After starting a business at the age of twenty and quickly realizing he had no clue how to run it, he studied at the feet of the masters, often times sleeping on their couches when visiting. Eventually he turned his business around and became enamored with the process of business transformation. After working as a consultant in writing, music, and several different types of fitness programs...Read more