Membership Growth: How Much Is Too Much?

Teddy Kim

If you've ever blown out a speaker, you've experienced an impedance mismatch firsthand. In audio components, an impedance mismatch occurs when the output of an amplifier is greater than the speaker can handle. When the output gets too high, then the speaker blows out. 


Think of your gym as a speaker, and think of your stream of new business as the audio signal. As long as you can handle the signal, everything is good. Customers are happy and everything is copacetic. If you keep doing what you're doing, your business will grow organically - as long as you're patient.


Now think of the Internet as an amplifier. If you are wired into the Internet correctly, you are hooked up to the biggest amplifier that humanity has ever produced. The question is this: can your gym handle that much signal without blowing apart?


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