Managing Your Professional Persona Online - A Panel Discussion

Dan Kallen
Director of Content, Coaches Only
Business, CrossFit

Kari Lund, Justin Lind and Jennifer Pilotti joined us for "Managing Your Professional Persona Online." These successful coaches all have different practices and online presences. But each of them—just like you—has had to confront how much of their personal life to put into their professional presence online. This informative discussion about how much "you" you should have online will be helpful in crafting your own online presence.


Our panelists, for the most part, confront the same platforms and the same challenges to manage and keep separate what’s personal and what’s professional. But each of these coaches finds their own groove for doing this. For example, Alison and Justin, as hands-on movement coaches, find that they have to put a portion of their personality and individual presence online. But Kari, as a popular food blogger and regular contributor to Breaking Muscle, feels less pressure to offer up her personal life to the online world. Yet all three still struggle with drawing boundaries and managing the separation. 


All of these coaches have separate personal and professional social media accounts , but each of them draws the line between the two a bit differently. However, they are all compelled to put as little as needed into their professional personas—that is, none of these experienced and successful coaches wish to add more of their personal lives into their professional personas.


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