Leadership 101: What Trainers and Gym Owners Need to Know


In the high stakes world of venture capital, it's not enough to have a great idea. Your idea just gets you in the door.


First and foremost, venture capitalists invest in people. This is why business plans customarily include mini resumes of the principles in the business. It's also why venture capitalists insist on extensive face-time with would-be entrepreneurs.

Teddy is a lawyer, software engineer, and serial entrepreneur who has bloodied his knuckles in a wide variety of industries including healthcare technology, commercial real estate, and fitness. Teddy owns TwinTown CrossFit in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and when he's not making a nuisance of himself at the gym he studies and competes in Brazilian jiu jitsu. He's currently working on a book which chronicles his experiences as a CrossFit affiliate owner and coach.Read more