Just Get Started

All the time, I get asked by the professionals I work with in this space—the teachers, coaches, and trainers: How do I get started building an online presence? They want to know not only how to get started, but how to get their voice out there in a real way. That is, how to do it in a away that connects with the people they want to serve, and connects with them powerfully and deeply.


What I tell them is this: Think about driving at night. When you drive at night, you can only see as far as your headlights allow. You can't see all the way to your destination; you can't even see very far down the road sometimes. As you go, however the path is continually revealed, allowing you to keep going. In fact, the only way to see further down the road is to move forward; if you stop, you'll never see any further. Even though you can't see far down the road, you make it through the whole journey that way and you do wind up where you want to go.

Chandler is a performance coach and movement educator. He's on a mission to empower physical freedom, helping active people who are stuck in a rut develop a personal practice to move better, get stronger, and find freedom in their bodies. Chandler is the sort of guy who is equally at home in a pile of books or swinging through tree branches. As a former research scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency, he brings a systems-level approach to human movement. His teaching background...Read more