Insurance: What Fitness Professionals Should Know

No one really wants to spend money on insurance. Maybe it’s because we’re paying money for something we hope to never need, and that’s kind of strange. Or perhaps it’s because we’ve heard so many horror stories about insurance claims gone bad.


As a fitness professional, there are no two ways about it - you need insurance. So, what kind of insurance do you need? And where should you get it? Experience and a few scary situations have taught me a bit about all this and I’d like to share it with you.

Adam has been involved in the health and fitness industry for almost twenty years. He has tried his hand at massage therapy, martial arts instructing, and coaching. He now mentors business owners in the same industry. Back in 2006, when no one knew what CrossFit was, he opened the third affiliate in Australia. The training method complemented his BJJ training and the contrarian approach appealed to his more liberal side. He sold his gym in 2013. Adam now helps other gym owners fill their gyms...Read more