Inside StrongFirst: An Interview with Brett Jones

Coach and Director of Content and Community

StrongFirst was founded by kettlebell guru Pavel Tsatsouline in 2012 after his departure from Dragon Door, a company he co-founded. And, while there is obviously a lineage connection between the two entities (StrongFirst even refers to Dragon Door/RKC as “our predecessor”), StrongFirst has gained wide recognition and a loyal following in a relatively short time.

To find out what StrongFirst is all about, we sat down with StrongFirst’s Chief SFG1 Brett Jones. Brett is tasked with maintaining the curriculum and standards for all of StrongFirst’s Kettlebell Certifications and Courses. He is also responsible for developing and mentoring the rest of the SFG Leadership and SFGs. All told, Brett has been traveling and teaching with Pavel for 14 years.

Dan is a seasoned marketing professional with a knack for being where things are happening. He helped open up the nascent southern California market as a corporate trainer for Starbucks when there were less than a dozen locations in Los Angeles, took up the banner of one of the first 100 CrossFit affiliates when no one had heard of it, and interviewed student protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989, right before the tanks rolled in. Dan has professional marketing experience with start-ups,...Read more