How to Develop a Strong Coach-Weightlifter Relationship



One of the topics of discussion with a couple of the coaches in my internship program has been overcoaching. Young coaches want to do a good job, and they want to be thorough. And because they are attracted to the sport of weightlifting they are undoubtedly stubborn. But they must understand that coaching or teaching is an activity that cannot be accomplished solely through sheer force of will. 


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Bob Takano is a highly respected weightlifting coach who was inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame in 2007 for his contributions to coaching. He has been the coach of four national champions, two national record holders, and 27 top ten nationally ranked lifters. Bob has been on the coaching staffs of 17 U.S. National teams to international competitions, five of those being World Championships. His lifters have competed in seven Olympic Trials with one, Albert Hood, the third American...Read more