How to Develop a Strong Coach-Weightlifter Relationship

Bob Takano
Olympic Weightlifting

One of the topics of discussion with a couple of the coaches in my internship program has been overcoaching. Young coaches want to do a good job, and they want to be thorough. And because they are attracted to the sport of weightlifting they are undoubtedly stubborn. But they must understand that coaching or teaching is an activity that cannot be accomplished solely through sheer force of will. 


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Tips for Coaching A New Weightlifter

Let’s think about the overall goal that you’re coaching your athlete toward. You want to train a person to go out on a platform under the scrutiny of officials, other coaches, athletes and spectators and by only him- or herself succeed in an activity requiring maximal effort. There will be no teammates to assist and no one with whom to share the glory of success or the embarrassment of failure.


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